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Opportunities Missed


I’ve discovered something about myself that I am not super proud of - I’m a time waster. Sometimes I do it on purpose, sometimes I don’t mean to, sometimes I don’t even realize it, but I’ve knowingly and unknowingly honed this skill until I consider myself one of the best in the field.

This is not a thing to be proud of.

Whether it’s the TV (I have a weakness for the style shows and the Food Network), a good book (I’ve been so wrapped up in a book that I didn’t even notice I’d missed lunch), or Facebook (ah, the international time-waster), I have perfected the art of not doing what I need to be doing.

Everyone can always tell when I’m on a deadline and having trouble writing. My house is spotless (not anymore, with my insane puppy pulling every toy he owns out of the toy basket), there’s usually some kind of dessert or something I baked on the counter (blueberry muffins this time), and my workout routine becomes very consistent.

But, as I have been reminded lately, this isn’t a good thing. And, if I’m reading my Bible correctly, it’s actually a very bad thing. In Ephesians we’re warned to make “the most of every opportunity.” I can tell you right now, I do not make the most of every opportunity. These days, those opportunities have become when my still-not-housebroken puppy isn’t wandering the house and I’m able to sit and work on a story for a while. However, I often miss out on those opportunities to waste time catching up on who was the best dressed at the Golden Globes instead.

As I’ve said before, and if you’re a writer you know this, the hardest part of writing isn’t the writing. It’s the ability to sit down, turn off the world around you and focus. My 15-month-old nephew is the master of focusing. I’ve never seen someone so enthralled with a piece of tape - it entertained him for about thirty minutes.

So, this is my new goal: Don’t miss another one of the opportunities God gives me, whether they are opportunities to write, opportunities to read His word or opportunities to share that word. And right now, with Kody finally asleep, is my chance to write.

What are you taking or not taking advantage of?

Have a fantastic week!

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