Thursday, June 18, 2015

Catch up

Part of the reason I have been putting this post off for so long is because every time I thought about sitting down to write it, I just got very tired since it's been so so long!! We spent a good part of May with me cramming in a deadline and then the whole beginning of June finishing our backyard, so I didn't have a ton of opportunity to sit down and blog too often. Hoping that changes this summer!! There is much to remember about these busy, fun, exhausting days. :)

But the deadline is done, the yard is done and I have two boys who are growing like weeds this summer (and the proof is in our grocery bill!). :)

So, grab a glass of sweet iced tea and get ready for a TON of pictures! Here's what we've been up to so far this summer:

We have done lots of swinging and this kid has loved it!

One day we were out working in the yard and we looked over and Nathan had set up a "Mud Pie Station" for him and Parker. They were DISGUSTING afterward but they had so much fun!

Parker has discovered his love of two things - reading and Mickey Mouse. And when the two things are combined, it's just perfection. ;)

We went swimming for the first time this year in Gammy and Pops' pool. Obviously, Parker hated it.

So did Nathan. ;)

These boys and their snacks. We love our snacks around here. I get asked for a snack approximately 3,659 times a day. ;) Love these sweet post-nap cheeks.

We also discovered our love of spaghetti...

And dip. ;) Notice the chicken nuggets stacked neatly out of the way so he could get to the important stuff.

Nathan got to help his poor teammate who broke his leg on vacation play outfield. The idea of a broken arm or leg has become completely awe-inspiring to my boy thanks to Carsten's fun wheelchair and awesome cast. We keep reminding Nathan that it's super painful and not as much fun as it looks. ;)

He played his last T-ball game the next week. He LOVED this year!!

Dad presented the trophy at the end of the year party and it was such a sweet moment. :)

Most of the A's. :)

We went to Story Time at the Balloon Museum and they had a time when all the kids got up and danced to music with little handkerchiefs. Both of my boys were in heaven. ;)

Inside a hot air balloon basket!!

We had the sand for the backyard delivered and a huge dump truck came and poured it in our front yard. Nathan thought it was about the coolest thing in the entire world. ;)

Helping Dad smooth it out. :)

This boy has always been our helper kid and he helped us so much with the yard!! Love his sweet heart!! Parker is picking up on this too and has also been trying to help - it's just so wonderful to see!

And speaking of helpful hearts, this guy has gone above and beyond. He did such an amazing job on the backyard! He was out there until 11 o'clock that night laying the sod while I just followed him around with a flashlight. He is such a hard worker. So thankful for him!!

And this one - ha!! We have developed quite the sense of jealousy over the last couple of weeks. If Parker wants mine or Jon's attention and Nathan currently has it, it's the END of the world. He does not like to share! I remember Nathan being super possessive of us too at this age but it is a whole new ballgame when there is a sibling to compete with. ;)

Last Tuesday, we went with the Beechems on the train to Santa Fe! We'd never been on the train and it was so much fun. It took about an hour to ride it up, we had lunch at a super fun restaurant and then rode the train back home. It was so much fun and it was so tiring that the kids and I all slept afterward. Ha!

SO thankful that Jon had the day off and could come with us!! This baby of mine is becoming the biggest Daddy's boy. :)

Two buds on the train. :)

Looking out the window for Moo Cows. ;)

 Us. :)

We're here!! Time for lunch!

I love this picture - Nathan is just not a good influence on our sweet Gracie. Ha!!

The restaurant we ate at was SO much fun - they had a little courtyard in the middle of the building that had a big playset in it where the kids could play right by the tables so the adults could still eat and talk. It was SO much fun!! We loved it!! And the food was delicious!

After we woke up from our naps, Parker and I ran some errands and had to stop for a sweet tea because it was just blistering hot outside. It's supposed to be in the triple digits this weekend. Ugh.

Post-nap Parker. I cannot get enough of his sweet face!! He's just a riot. I spend 90% of my day just laughing at the things he says and does.

Yesterday we had our friends Blake, Shannon, Violet and baby Deklan over for dinner. The boys and Violet spent most of the night outside playing and then took Popsicles out there for dessert. SO much fun!!

Whew!!! I think I am all caught up!! I will do an official backyard post soon and show the before and after pictures - it looks SO different!!!

Such a fun summer so far! :)

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Bake Me a Match - contest time! :)

First off friends, I am just EMBARRASSED at how long it has been since I have updated this blog!! I finished up my deadline just in time to jump into a backyard landscaping project that is eating up all of our free time, but we are all set to finish today so come Monday, I'll be back here with some major updates. :)

In the meantime, how about a little contest for Bake Me a Match, which releases on Monday??! Yay!! :) I will draw the winner Monday morning!! To check out more about Bake Me a Match, click here.

Ready to enter?? Use my handy little Rafflecopter below!! Good luck friends!! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Friday!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Bake Me a Match!!!

I am SO far behind on this blog and I need to write an actual update, but for now, I just wanted to say that I am done with my deadline! So thankful!


We are now TEN DAYS to the release of Bake Me a Match!! You can preorder it on Kindle here! It will release on Kindle and Nook on June 15th. Can't wait for you guys to read the rest of Annie's story! Check back on Monday for a fun contest!! :)

Have a great Friday!!

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Saturday was such a fun day - we started the day with my sister-in-law, Nicole's baby shower for my sweet nephew (which I unfortunately didn't take any pictures!) and then I drove home fast, picked up the boys and Jon and we went to dinner with my dear friend Melanie who was in town this weekend!

Nathan loves Miss Melanie. ;)

Sunday, Jon woke up sick and so he stayed home from church and Nathan and I went. We had been home for seriously not even an hour and Nathan went from perfectly fine to running a 102 degree fever. So our plans for the day were changed up a bit. He spent the day on the couch, I got him the movie Balto (which he LOVED) and we tried to just keep the boys as separate as we could (which is always a joy).

Parker always has to be just like his big brother. ;) Love that.

Sunday night, we had a little girls' night since Mel was in town. So much fun and so needed!! Love my dear, dear friends. We only wished the other two original Lunch Bunchers could have been there!

Another new tooth, another diaper rash, another oatmeal bath in the kitchen sink. It's the circle of life over here, my friends.

And lastly, I have been wanting to do this FOREVER and I finally did it - yesterday, I cut 8+ inches off of my hair!

It is SO short now! It feels so much lighter and cooler. Nathan was convinced he would hate it but I think even he likes it. ;)

Our mornings here. Two snuggling brothers watching the Wild Kratt brothers. ;) Love my precious boys!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life lately

Between Nathan's activities mostly coming to a close and Parker being into everything, we have not sat down too much these last few weeks!!

We went with Nathan's little league team to an Isotopes game! It was Little League Night and so all the teams got to walk around the field with their team's banner.

They were SO cute - they all took their hats off and started waving them at the crowd. It was just adorable!!

Watching themselves on the big screen. ;)

This little baby love - oh I just adore him. And he has gotten to be SUCH a good sleeper!! I am just soaking it up. He takes two great naps a day and sleeps twelve hours at night. He's just gotten so big. And he is everywhere. He's either in the bathroom ripping the toilet paper to shreds, he's unloading all the kid cups from the kitchen drawers, he's shoving handfuls of dog food in his mouth or carrying around a huge Mickey Mouse book and whining for me to read it to him. All day long. He's a mess. We just follow him around cleaning up and laughing most of the day.

Last week, I woke up with a really stiff neck and a bad cold and so I called my mom. So thankful that she lives in town and could come help me!! It was just SO hard to change diapers and chase a very busy baby around when I could barely turn my head. I just laid on the couch with a heating pad on my neck and a bunch of Kleenex and she played with the boys all morning. Such a blessing!

The hero worship is still alive and well here. These two are starting to get to the point where they have a few squabbles a day but they still just adore each other and are impossible to separate - even when they are fighting over something. ;)

This is apparently how Superman would be ready to run from third base to home. Just in case any of you were wondering. ;)

Mother's Day was such a wonderful day with my boys!! We went to church, the boys gave me flowers, I got taken out to lunch and we had an amazing fajita dinner with the family. It was a very nice, very low-key day and it was perfect.

This little guy is just so big now. But I love that any time my lap is open, he's plopping down right next to me or halfway on me and just snuggling in. He's growing up too fast and I just need time to slow down!!

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