Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

We had so much fun this Easter! Last year, we spent Easter still recuperating from the c-section, getting very little sleep with our newborn and we had just married off one of my brothers. This year, we had a VERY busy one year old, a VERY busy four year old, a very early morning at the sunrise service, joyful tears as we worshiped Jesus together and lots of eggs to hide and find. :)

The sunrise service!! It started off freezing cold but as soon as the sun came up, it was one of the warmest sunrise services we have had in years!

Next we brought our stuff over to Gammy and Pops' house and gave the boys their Easter baskets there. So fun - Jon and I had bought Nathan a "secret agent" watch weeks and weeks ago and he's hardly taken it off since. ;) And Parker was totally down with all these fun presents you get to just pull out of a basket.

Ready to go hunt for Easter eggs!! ;) This year I filled them all with chocolate - the good kind, since most of the time, Jon and I end up snacking on the stash just as much as the boys. Ha! ;)

It did not take long for this little one to get the hang of picking up the eggs and putting him in his basket. So cute.

Nathan is at such a fun age for Easter egg hunts!! He was on a mission. Jon and I hid those eggs in some pretty tough spots and he found most of them by himself.

Checking out the loot. ;)

Love my little family so much!! So thankful to Jesus for giving me these goofy, silly, loud boys to call my own.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

We needed a break after Spring Break

I'm still playing catch up here!! :) Life has just been nuts lately. I barely sit down and when I do, I'm frantically trying to cram in my word counts for my deadline.

So here's what we were up to the week after my baby turned one. ;)

This kid. He loves to eat, loves to snack, loves his sippy cup and would be pretty content to just walk around with food in his mouth or hand all day long. I picked him up the other day and found a Trader Joe's cheeto in his hand that he had been holding for who knows how long. The kid is hilarious. He's slimming down like crazy though with all the walking he's been doing everywhere!!

Baseball uniforms came in and I've never seen Nathan more excited to get his clothes changed. He LOVES his uniform and is so proud of it. It's so so cute!

Parker had his well child check a week after his birthday and we found out he had an ear infection. So he had to get shots, he got antibiotics for his ears, he had a horrible diaper rash and he was cutting a tooth. An oatmeal bath in the sink seemed to help briefly. The first week of being one was rough on my little love.

Opening day for T-ball!! All of the teams got to walk out to the home plate of the "big kid" field and say their names in the microphone. Orbit, the mascot from the minor league team in town, was there and it was just really fun. Nathan had a blast.

He did a little running and batting competition afterward and did really well!

Then we started spring break and decided to demo our entire yard. Seriously. The entire yard is destroyed. We have big plans for it but it just takes time, especially when we have two kids distracting us as we do it. ;) We did get the playset built, which led to this...

Ha!! He was SO excited!!! He's been out there every single day playing on it.

This little cutie is a big fan of it too!! So glad that the boys love it so much - it took a LONG time to build it!

Me and my sideline buddy at Nathan's soccer game. It was COLD that day!

The Saturday after spring break was over, Nathan asked Jon if he could go up in the new clubhouse and help him build something. So they did. It was adorable. ;)

Whew!! And that was our spring break!! We were SO tired and sore after it was over! ;)

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Parker's birthday party - take two. :)

I have had the BEST intentions to update this blog but between family in town, sick kids, sports games and practices, spring break and a deadline, I've been just awful. And I've been waiting to get pictures from Parker's birthday party from Jon's phone and my mom's camera and I just kept forgetting to grab them. ;)

So without further ado, here's the fun we had at Parker Bear's party. ;)

Since we call him Parker Bear, it was a very obvious choice on what our party theme should be. We teddy bear-ed it up! :) Nathan, Parker and I ran to the store on Friday morning before the party to get a few things and who should come up behind us in the aisle then this special lady...

My grandmother! Ah! We were SO surprised and shocked! I just immediately burst into tears and Nathan did not stop holding her hand or talking to her the entire rest of the day. ;) SO much fun! She is loved greatly over here. ;)

Saturday morning was beautiful and the perfect day for a park party! :) We had donuts, coffee, juice, fruit, sausage balls and I made a little teddy bear smash cake. :) We gave out toys they could use at the park for the favors.

My birthday baby!! :)

I was finishing up setting up the last of the food when I heard Nathan start screaming for me and I looked up and my brother Caleb was walking toward me!! He and his wife Nicole live in California right now while he's in dental school and oh my goodness. I just burst into tears and grabbed him in a hug. It was perfect. It's always just this huge gaping hole especially when we have family celebrations and they aren't there so it was just so wonderful to have them and my grandmother here!

Blowing out his candle. ;)

The whole family!! :)

Love this picture of me and Jon and the birthday boy. ;)

Our weekend changed slightly since we had family in town and we spent the weekend hanging out at Gammy and Pops' house playing with Nama, Caleb and Nicole - so so so so much fun. And SO needed!!

Never leave your phone unattended around these two together. ;)

Nama snuggles. Love this.

So thankful to my mom and Nama for organizing all the surprises!! Love my family.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Parker's first birthday - take one!

Wow, guys. This week. Oh, we have just had the BEST time!!  This post is going to be 90% pictures, just to warn you. ;)

Jon took off on Parker's birthday so we could really live up the celebration. ;) We went into his room when Parker woke up and started singing happy birthday to him. He totally freaked out and started crying (ha!) but once we had picked him up out of his crib and convinced a certain older brother to sing a little quieter, he got excited. ;) We got him up and dressed and then (per big brother's request) it was time to open presents!!

Jon and I had stayed up late on our anniversary the day before getting this little area all set up and the car put together. :)

 I LOVE his face when he walked in and saw his presents!! 

 Yay for a fun new toy!! He loves his car. LOVES it. He plays with it all day!

This face. Love it. He was SO excited all day long!

 Such a fun birthday morning!!! The kids played with the new toys while I made our traditional blueberry muffins for breakfast.

And then it was time to head to the aquarium! We had a such a great time just our little family of four there!

Love these. :)

Nathan and Jon got to "pet" a stingray - Nathan was so cute. He would reach for it and then change his mind and decide not to do it, but then he got super brave and touched him and was so proud of himself. ;)

This little wished his arms were a bit longer. ;)

Sweet brothers. :)

Next up, we headed to lunch and this guy cheesed through the entire thing at Chick-fil-a. Ha! It was SO cute. And he was so happy to be there!

Nathan insisted that he needed to get a blue balloon for Parker for his birthday so he went and asked the workers and then brought two over for them. Parker adores his brother. Can you tell? ;) Nathan loves to tell me that he and Parker are "best buds" and I just am so thankful for that!

We went home for naps and then went over to Gammy and Pops' house for our dinner celebration. They had the house decked out! It was so cute!!

Someone got spoiled rotten with tons of fun new toys (including this awesome tent!) and got to eat his favorite meal - chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese! Gammy even had strawberries for him. ;)

Then it was time for cake. Oh how I love his sweet face here when we started singing!!

"Is it really for me, Dad?"

I wasn't too worried about him loving the cake. And he loved it. ;)

Success. :)

I just cannot believe my sweet Parker Bear is one year old! We packed everything up and drove home and on the drive, the clock turned to 8:26 - exactly the minute that he was born - and I just couldn't stop the tears. I am so incredibly thankful that my babies are healthy and growing and happy but oh how I just wish time would slow down a little bit!! Happy birthday to my precious baby boy. :)

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