Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby #3 - 25 weeks

I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, we are 25 weeks along with this sweet little love.

All in all, things are going great! According to the books, she is about one and a half pounds now. We've also passed the "age of viability" of 24 weeks - so thankful! She is not super active during the day but as soon as I get the boys in bed and sit down, she starts wiggling around in there. ;) I've also wondered if she is active when they are up and I just am so distracted with the boys that I don't notice. I don't sit too often when they are up but that is about to change - I've been getting so tired lately! I also still carry my twenty-five pound Parker often (and he now has to sit on top of the bump) and that's going to have to not happen as frequently either - I am just achy at the end of the day.

Since we have the same cord issue that we had with Parker, I am going to be doing more frequent ultrasounds again and so our next one is in two weeks. So excited to see that sweet face again!

I still haven't been sick (SO thankful!) but I've been having heartburn the last two weeks and my poor ligaments are just done. Third child is painful! I am too old for this now. ;) I have been loving all things sweet and baked lately and really loving milkshakes again. Just another reason that I'm gaining more weight again. :)

I've been pinning all kinds of baby girl things on Pinterest and I started working on her baby blanket this week during the evenings. 

So thankful for this precious girl! There are still mornings where I wake up in shock over this sweet baby. I'm so blessed with my boys and now this little one. So grateful! Jesus is good.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Good morning and happy fall!! :)

Life lately here has been pretty much set in routine and it's been wonderful. We are finally figuring out what the weeks are going to look like this fall and it's just been glorious. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and it's just been perfect here. ;)

And hey, speaking of fall, guess what is now available for pre-order?? So excited for you guys to meet Katie! (And side note, it says 52 pages on the Amazon page, but it is actually a full-length book. Attempting to fix that!!) Katie in Waiting releases on November 20th!

This little love has been a sleeping machine lately. So thankful, because he's also cutting his top two eye teeth and he has been just miserable a few days this week. :( We have have had a couple of days of living on baby ibuprofen, Mama snuggles and the most annoying Mickey Mouse DVD in the entire world. This baby loves his "MeMo". And potato soup and "bwead". ;)

Jon listed his first house this past weekend! So proud of my extremely hard working man - he's never been one to sit still. ;) Praying that God blesses this new venture of his. And I think his helper is about the cutest real estate assistant in the world. Anyone need a house? ;)

Parker can still fit into most 12 month clothes (proof that he's a lot shorter than Nathan ever was - by this point, Nathan was mostly in 24 month!), but his pants were getting pretty short on him, so I pulled out all the 18 month clothes and washed them and got them in his room this week. He found Nathan's old Halloween costume and has barely taken it off. Poor kid has been sweating to death in it, but he's just so cute! He poked the fluffy tummy, looked at me and grinned and said, "Baby!" Ha!

Nathan started running a 101 fever Monday night when he went to bed, so we stayed home from school on Tuesday and had a movie day instead. He didn't run a fever the whole day and was basically back to normal Tuesday night, so I'm not sure what was going on, but Tuesday was nice and rainy and it was a good day to just be sick and lay around.

And that's been our life lately!! Loving this time with these crazy boys!!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fair days

This year, we went to the State Fair two days in a row... we were all exhausted afterward! :) The first day, we went with Gammy, Pops and Aunt Cayce as part of Nathan's school, so we all got to go for free. So fun! And the second day, we took Jon back and did a few different things.

The first day we went was September 11th and Firefighter Day. So thankful for these heroes who sacrifice so much so we can live the way we do.

They had all kinds of firefighter demonstrations set up for the kids to do - Nathan was SO serious about them! He has wanted to grow up to be a firefighter his whole life, so this day was totally made for him. ;)

"Excuse me, but can I please take a picture with you guys?" They were so kind to oblige him. ;)

Smokey the Bear was there! Parker wanted nothing to do with him. We asked if he wanted to go see Smokey and he said, "No. No, no no no." Ha!

Both of the boys LOVED the baby animals! They both got to pet a baby chicken and a baby duck. ;)

Hot and tired. ;)

Nathan was totally in awe of this firefighter who was all decked out in his gear. He thought he was about the coolest thing in the whole world. He didn't stop talking about it the whole way home. :)

Back at the fair with Daddy!! Saturday was quite a bit more crowded than Friday morning, but we still had a great time. We watched a diving show and the boys practiced some archery.

We hit up the petting zoo on this day and Parker LOVED the animals! Oh my goodness, he loved them.

He found a brush to brush the animals with and went to town.

Then Parker discovered that all of the animals were right at the right height to hug:

Ha! He went a little bit HUG ALL THE THINGS, but he had a great time. Can't speak for the animals, however.

 Hot, sweaty and tired, but we had a great time!

The boys were out before we even made it out of the parking lot. ;)

How we eat when Mom is kind enough to provide a bowl. ;)

This week has been fairly busy. We had a couple of make up swim lessons since we missed them during the fair, we've cleaned out closets and we've been working on school and Sparky verses and mountains of laundry.

These guys went to Talk Like a Pirate day at Krispy Kreme on Saturday before Jon and I headed out to one of my friend's weddings. A fun but busy weekend to end a fun and busy week!! Ready for a normally scheduled week this week. :)

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Parker is 18 months old!

I have so much to catch up on still, but yesterday, my sweet Parker Bear turned 18 months old.

Seriously, I have no idea where the time is going. We were looking back at old pictures this weekend and I swear he was just born last week. And it scares me because I know it will just go faster and faster like it has with Nathan.

So, since I haven't done a monthly update on him since he turned a year, I thought today would be a good day to have a post that is all about our little Parker love. :)

Parker is SO happy. All the time. Unless he is hungry, teething or tired and then he is very, very mad. He has two extremes, this child. When he is happy, he is uncontrollably happy and dancing and hopping and running as fast as he can to keep up with Nathan. And when he is mad, he is usually screaming and crying and not letting go of my leg. ;) Thankfully, those times are usually pretty rare!

He has become a great sleeper, which is something I never thought I would say about this kid! Ha! He takes a great 2.5 to 3 hour nap every day and then sleeps at least 12 if not 13 (or even 14!!) hours at night. He is super attached to his pacifier (Nathan got him to call it a baba), his Mickey Mouse ("MeMo"), his Pooh Bear and his blanket.

Parker loves to talk. LOVES. TO. TALK. He talks or yells all day long. I've lost count of how many words he says, but his favorite ones are Naynen, Baba, MeMo, Mama, Daddy, Dodo (Kody), EAT, Ice (which means water, I finally figured out), No, Mine, Nack (snack), Play, Jump, Ball, FOOT-ball and watch. He's started putting two and three words together so he'll say, "Play Naynen" and "Want nack" and "Mama hold please". He is VERY good about saying please and thank you and he will sometimes burst out in the Roll Call from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He loves to watch anything Mickey Mouse but especially loves a sing-along movie I have from the 80s of all the characters and a bunch of kids singing Disney songs in Disneyland. He has become fairly demanding about it: "WATCH MEMO. MOTE? MOTE?" (asking for the remote) ;) He loves to play with cars and will drive them around the house. He loves anything and everything that Nathan is doing because Nathan is his bestest buddy in the whole world.

He can jump and get both feet off the floor and he does a fantastic somersault. He laughs with his whole entire body and his little cheesy smile is my favorite thing in the whole world. He has the best cheeks for kissing and he loves to snuggle, especially at night or first thing when he wakes up. He is incredibly loud. His new favorite night is Thursdays when Nathan is gone at Awana because then he gets mine and Jon's total attention. He has been known to hit when he is not happy, but he's pretty good about saying "I sowwy" and giving hugs later.

We just adore our little Parker Bear! He has completely transformed our family and I cannot imagine it without him. Love my little man!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Durango :)

So sorry for the lack of consistent posting lately!! If I have a spare minute to sit down when I'm not falling asleep, I'm working my hardest on Katie in Waiting (official release date coming soon!!), so I haven't had a lot of time to write on here!

We spent a fantastic Labor Day weekend in Durango with our dear friends Jen and Greg and their kids Noah and Emma. :) Noah is six months older than Nathan and Emma is one month exactly younger than Parker, so it was perfect ages! We rented a little cabin in the middle of nowhere down the LONGEST dirt road ever and had the absolute BEST time!

These two were together all the time. Constantly. Parker was NOT a fan of Noah by the time we left because he stole his bestest buddy. ;) They played so well together! We surprised Nathan with the trip, so he was SO excited to see Noah and play with him!

Parker and Emma in the gazebo by the cabin. :) These two had a love/hate relationship. Emma finally warmed up to us only to get beat up on by Parker for coming close to "MY DADDY" or "MY MAMA". Oy. We have some possessiveness to work out before January comes. ;)

The five of us. ;)

There was a huge meadow by our cabin, so the dads took the big boys out and taught them both how to use a BB gun. Noah was a total natural!

Me and my little buddy. :)

The dads and big boys went for a walk to spot some wildlife, so we kept the little ones at home. A chipmunk kept coming up on the deck, so we put little pieces of a Nutri-grain bar and cheetos on the deck to lure him up there for the kids to watch. Parker was completely fascinated! It's all he talked about. ;) And thanks to Nathan singing "Let It Go" the whole hike, we saw more wildlife than they did. Ha!

The whole gang!! Love these people!

We walked through town and saw a couple of horses pulling a wagon, so we had to stop and get a picture with the "hee-ya" like Parker calls it. ;)

More hee-yas! Parker tried so hard to fit in with the big boys. ;) Love how he says "hee-ya" instead of "yee-ha". ;)

Jen and Greg gave the boys these awesome lego construction sets that they worked super hard on. So sweet. I know Nathan loves that he has something that matches Noah now. ;)

The buds in bed. This is the first time Nathan has slept in the same room with someone who isn't me or Jon and he did pretty good! The first night they were up SO early, so we laid down the ground rules and they behaved a lot better after that.

Our last dinner before heading home. Love my sweet family.

Such a wonderful trip!! My favorite parts were when the babies would be napping and Jen and I would get a cup of coffee and just talk. Love my friend. Loved our time together!! Already excited for next year. :)

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