Monday, July 21, 2014

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...

So, remember the Mickey Mouse and whale and super cuddly adorable things we used to have as our party themes?

Yeah. No more.

Nathan was VERY insistent that he wanted a Spider-Man party at the Spider-Man park. And there needed to be donuts and coffee involved. Okay, I might have insisted on that last one. ;)

We had the best time!! Our wonderful friends made the party so so so much fun! And, to totally add the frosting on the donut (like how I did that?), our dear friends Clint, Leigh Ann, Hayley and their newest little one Abigail were in town and got to come!

This guy is a great dad. :)

I can't believe those little sweet cheeks are four years old!!

The feeling is mutual, kid. ;)

Crazy goofball. I just can't get enough of him.

Donut party!!

The reason we call it the Spider-Man park is because of this huge, web-like structure. And all the colors are Spider-Man colors. It really is made for a Spider-Man party. ;) LOVE this shot of some of the kids!!

He MIGHT have had a little too much sugar that morning. Or adrenaline. Or both.

We did presents later at home. His friends spoiled him rotten. And he definitely had too much sugar.

Ha! Parker was totally enthralled by this opening of the presents thing. Or maybe it was more the insane antics of his sugar-high, hopped-up-on-birthday brother. Who knows?

Such a wonderful day to celebrate this hilarious little guy. :) What a great way to start the celebration of turning four!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

My crazy herd

Chick-Fil-A always has their Cow Appreciation Day right before Nathan's birthday, so it's become sort of a tradition now to go dress up and get a free meal. It's always hilarious. I love it. :)

Us. :)

The boys were bouncing off the walls too. There were huge groups of people there and I think our little table of four was by far the loudest and most obnoxious. Jon and I could not stop laughing at them.

This little guy is just getting funnier and funnier.

Somehow Nathan talked us into a gigantic ice cream cone. The sugar helped the decibel level. Um, not. ;)

Love these crazies!

On top of everything else going on, my parents sold their house and their new house didn't have the space for Caleb's big mastiff, Joey. Since Caleb just moved to California for dental school, a couple who already has two mastiffs expressed some interest in adopting Joey. It seemed like the best plan for everyone and she appears to be very happy with her new family. We were sad to say goodbye - she's big and drooly but she has been wonderful with Nathan and that makes her a good dog in our book.

Jon and I went on our annual Friday Night Before The Birthday date so we could do some birthday shopping for Nathan and get dinner and dessert. We brought along our little third wheel but it was so fun and so needed to have a conversation without being interrupted 431 times by our chatty boy. :) All Nathan talked about for the last six months was getting to chew gum when he turned four and so we bought that child NINE packs of gum.

Temporomandibular joint issues, here we come. ;)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Parker is Four Months Old!

And this is just ridiculous how fast it's going.

Parker is four months old today! I can't believe it. He is busy developing his little personality and totally killing us with his cuteness. :)

Parker has learned so many fun things this month!!

He can roll from his stomach to his back and is so so so close to rolling from his back to his stomach. I'm hoping he waits a little longer so we don't have to break him of the swaddle so soon! He loves sitting in the Bumbo - mostly because then he feels like he's a part of everything. ;)

Parker is still a great little sleeper and a terrible little napper. ;) We had an unprecedented 1.5 hour nap yesterday (at the same time that Nathan was napping! It was a miracle!) but he's usually closer to about 45 minutes. He wakes up at 6am, eats and goes back to sleep for a few hours usually before being up for the day and he usually takes three naps.

He is hands down the happiest little guy I've ever seen. He LOVES to smile. And laughs all the time - usually at Nathan. ;) He is very loud and very obnoxious about being loud - I'm fairly certain our neighbors think we adopted a baby pterodactyl. He must be included in absolutely everything we do or he goes from smiling to mad in about .03 seconds.

Parker adores his brother and when Nathan is not around for some reason, Parker is just not a very happy camper and spends most of the time looking around for Nathan. It's absolutely adorable. And if Nathan didn't notice me putting Parker in bed, he is in a panic about where Parker is. I love that they already have such a strong bond!!

He loves, loves, loves, LOVES his blanket. Loves it. Anytime he is just super tired or cranky, if I give him a blanket, he calms down immediately and just sits there, rubbing his face in it. It's about my favorite thing ever. I still don't let him sleep with it but I will rock him with it.

He has become a big mama's boy. And this mama doesn't mind in the least. ;) He spits up about a quart a day so the two of us always stink so good (as my friend Eryn would say). ;)

He's just the sweetest little baby and we are totally in love with him!!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Nathan!

My precious big boy,

I cannot believe that we are already at four - it just sounds so old. You just keep speeding up here, kid, and I'm SO ready for life to slow down a little bit.

What a year you have had!!

This year has been filled to the brim with everything under the sun and so many changes. You have grown and matured and gotten easier and harder all at the same time. You are still amazingly fun!

You are still my little social butterfly. Every single person we pass on walks, in the grocery store, in the post office, wherever we are, we have to stop and say hi to. Every. Single. Person. We have met so many random strangers, I can't even keep track anymore. You have the friendliest heart, but oh how it worries me. I feel like I am constantly praying for protection for you!

You talk all the time. And when you aren't talking, you're singing a song you know or a made up song. The absolutely only time you are quiet is when you are asleep and even then you mumble. ;) So so so much to say! You are a great conversationalist. You can talk to anyone about anything at any time. You are very good at listening to adult conversation and learning from it. Sometimes too good. ;)

Seeing a firefighter or a policeman or a man wearing a cowboy hat is the absolute highlight of your entire week! You LOVE firefighters especially and you often tell me that when you grow up, you are going to be a firefighter. Or Spider-Man. I need to figure out how to make a nice, quiet, safe desk job sound exciting. ;)

This year has been a year of educational explosion. You are starting to recognize letters and words and it is just SO exciting to watch! You still love, love, love to read. You would pick reading over almost everything else except maybe playing outside or working in the yard with Dad. You are super into rhyming right now or changing the first letter of a word and seeing how many different words you can come up with.

 You LOVE to work with Dad. Love it. There is nothing that you love better than a big project in the yard.You will work from sun up to sun down with us and I love your hard work ethic!

You had so many things this year that were firsts - you went to Cubbies for the first time, you went to BSF for the first time, you were the ring bearer in both of your uncles' weddings and you finally got your little sibling that you had wanted for so long. Such a packed full year! God has blessed you so much, my sweet baby!

You are one zillion percent BOY. You love running and jumping and rarely do you ever just walk anywhere. You love to pretend you are Dash from The Incredibles and race us wherever we go. You love to play with your buddies (your stuffed animals) and you love to create these amazing stories for your action figures. You love movie and pizza night, swimming, playing with friends, eating popsicles on the porch and you can get excited about pretty much anything. And I love that about you. :)

You adore your brother. Adore your brother. I am constantly telling you to be gentle with Parker because you cannot stay away from him. And Parker loves you with all his heart. It makes me so very happy to watch you two love each other!

You are just the happiest, craziest, smiley-est, most exhausting and incredibly smart little four-year-old boy I know. And Dad and I can't even put into words how much we absolutely, one zillion million percent love you to pieces. We pray for you constantly. You are one of the best blessings in our life, bean, and I just can't wait to see what God has planned for you!

I love you so so sooo so sooo much! Happy fourth birthday, my sweet boy!


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Friday, July 11, 2014


One year ago today, I took a pregnancy test.

Over the previous almost two and a half years, I'd taken tons and tons of tests. Ovulation tests, more pregnancy tests, blood tests, other tests that our fertility doctor had run. All had been normal, all had shown things were working as they were supposed to, all the pregnancy tests had been negative.

After some very expensive attempts to get pregnant and failing, we'd decided to just take the summer off and regroup in the fall after saving up a little bit. And during that time, God worked big time on my heart. I finally surrendered. After years of waiting and hoping, I was at peace. I was ready for whatever was coming. Even if it was nothing.

Nathan had been praying every night for almost a year for a baby brother or sister. In June, he told me that he had asked Jesus for a "Bruber Sister" for his birthday and that Jesus had said yes. Starting the first part of July, he would walk past me, pat my stomach and say, "There's a baby in there, Mom."

By that point, I was so past thinking it was anything other than just wishful thinking on Nathan's part. But I threw a cheap pregnancy test in my cart at Walmart one year ago today and when Nathan went down for rest time, I took the test, more to just to be able to tell Nathan it wasn't happening and Jesus had other plans for us.

A faint line showed up.

I just stared at the test, decided it was probably a false positive since I had never used that brand before and took the other test in the box. And it also had a faint line. I got Nathan up from rest time, drove to the closest store, bought a name brand test, came right back home and tested again. And the line was immediate and very dark.

I just started bawling. I was shaking and crying and I immediately called our fertility doctor since he was the last doctor I'd seen and they put in orders for blood work that day. Jon was going to be home in an hour, so I just paced and cried and hugged Nathan and prayed and prayed and prayed. Nathan thought I had completely lost my mind. ;)

I kept watching out the window so as soon as Jon pulled into the driveway and got out of his truck, I met him at the door, started sobbing again and just said, "Guess what?" And he started crying.

And that's when the panic set in. I was scared of another miscarriage, terrified of all of the what ifs. What if I lost this one too? What if something happened? The peace that I had just hours before was completely shattered.

Slowly, sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently (as is His way sometimes) over those next nine months and especially during those first thirteen weeks, God taught me all over again about how to be content. No matter what happened. Parker's pregnancy was not necessarily easy - I had some spotting at nine weeks which completely paralyzed me with fear, we had an umbilical cord issue that required lots of ultrasounds, I went into early labor. Each time, God specifically reminded me that He loved me, He loved this baby and He had a plan for the two of us.

And now, holding my precious, smiley, adorable baby in my arms two days before my precious, smiley, adorable big boy's fourth birthday, my heart is filled to overflowing. God is good. Even when we don't see it at the time.

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