Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A few fun things!

Hi friends!!

A few things on this lovely Wednesday morning... 

* First up, remember that we moved our book club meeting to Thursday October 30th so we could take advantage of Let Them Eat Cake being free on Kindle this coming week!! :)

* In order to not clog this blog with my new love of essential oils (I ran out of lavender and Parker stopped sleeping - got more in, rubbed it on his feet last night and the child slept 12 hours again... I love this stuff!), I'm going to only be talking about it on my new essential oil blog. I'd love to have you stop by as I learn more about them!!

* For my writerly friends, I discussed a few pointers about plots on Monday over at Scribble Chicks - I would love to hear YOUR tips!!

* Christmas is coming up!! I'm going to be running some sales on my autographed novels, so stay tuned!!

* And last but definitely not least, today is my beautiful mama's birthday. So blessed to have her both as my mother and my friend. She is a great role model of what being a Godly mother looks like and I'm so thankful for her! I'm off to go celebrate with her. Love you Mom!

Have a fantastic day!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We absolutely LOVE our little pumpkin patch here in town!! We've been coming here every year since Nathan was three months old - it's one of my favorite fall traditions. :)

My sweet family!! Last year, Parker was just a little bump at the patch. It was hard to not get teary over my precious family of four this year. :)

Gammy and Pops came with us - we just love them. :)

Nathan is in a weird smile phase so of the 315 (not even exaggerating) pictures I took at the pumpkin patch, only a few actually had decent smiles in them. Ha! Oh that boy... Love these brothers.

My big boy!!

My sweet baby love.

He has smiles for DAYS. And those blue eyes just kill me.

Goofy boys. ;)

Love these shots!! He's such a little man now. And his little scrunchy look is one of my absolute favorites - he does that to us all day long.

Fun at the patch!! They added miniature golf this year and Nathan loved it. And Parker thought he was big stuff on the tractor.

I just love these silly heads. ;)

Quick update about the book club!! I talked with Sandra Byrd, the author of Let Them Eat Cake today and the novel is actually going to be FREE on Amazon Kindle this coming Monday through Friday. SO - we will actually be moving our book club day to Thursday October 30th so that more of you who may not have been able to buy the book can now participate as well!! Mark your calendars! I'm so excited to do this!!

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Monday, October 20, 2014


For the last weekend of the Balloon Fiesta, Jon's parents and grandparents came to visit and we had the best time!!

They spoiled us completely completely rotten. We ate out, we went shopping, the boys had constant people to hold them and play with them and Nathan pretty much was in absolute heaven with the amount of people he had to entertain. ;)

It was SO much fun. :) :)

We were all very sad and teary when they left on Monday. Already counting down the days until we see them again!!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday five

Happy Friday!! So excited for a fun weekend of pretty much nothing other than a fun dinner with the family planned. Hoping for lots of time just relaxing after a crazy couple of weeks!!

Top five for this week...

1. Dandelions

Nathan loves loves loves to pick dandelions for me. Anytime he sees one, he's immediately picking it and handing it to me. It's one of my very favorite things that he does. At his game last weekend, he found a dandelion in the field and he picked it while playing and then held it until a water break and came running across the field to give it to me. So sweet. I just love him.

2. Our new Book Club!

Quick reminder that next Friday we will be discussing Sandra Byrd's Let Them Eat Cake! Can't wait to hear what you thought of the book!! For more info, here's the post I wrote on it.

3. Dental dreams and pumpkins

Uncle Caleb gave Nathan this little play dough dentist set and it is one of his most beloved possessions. He plays with it all the time and gets so serious to get things exactly right. It's hilarious.

We were coming out of Trader Joe's the other day and he said, "Oh hey, Mom, here's some pumpkins. Quick. Take a picture of me with the pumpkins. Cheese!"

4. Essential oils

Okay. Y'all. I have always thought people who got into essential oils were a little on the weird side. But I have two very dear friends who I love greatly who are both pretty sane and who both love essential oils and so I decided to try some. I got them right as Parker got sick with a cold about a week and a half ago and since he didn't sleep to begin with, I just knew we were going to be up every hour until he got over this cold.

Guys. I put some in a diffuser and diluted some and rubbed him down and HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. So I did the same thing the next night and he did it again. And it's been almost every night since!! We've had only two nights in the past week and a half that he's gotten up and even then, it's only been once at night when we were previously doing two and often three times.

I promise I will not become the lady who is all "your leg fell off? Quick - rub some essential oils on the stump and your leg will grow back!" but I am so so happy (and rested! ha!) that I had to share. I know there are a LOT of ways to use them so I'm still definitely in the process of learning but I'm seriously in love with these things. And bonus - they totally help my house not smell like little boy stink. ;) I'm sure you will hear more about the oils from me in the future.

5. Every day life

Our glamorous last Tuesday night - sitting on a washer that was trying to spin out if control as it washed cloth diapers with a baby who was screaming when he wasn't being held and a four year old who found my nursing bra inserts on the dryer and was using them on his head as the gongs as he pretended to be Cogsworth. ;) All I could do was laugh.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parker is seven months old!

I seriously JUST wrote his six month post. I told someone in a grocery store that he was six months old this last week and they remarked on how big he was and I remembered, wow...he's really almost seven.

It's just not possible.

Time is FLYING past. I'm soaking up every single second of this precious time!!

Parker is just the sweetest, smiley-est, most content little guy - especially if he's being held by his mama. ;) I remember thinking Nathan was a Mama's Boy but my little Parker Bear is taking the cake for that.

He will get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth or turn in circles but we've had no crawling yet. THANKFULLY. After experiencing the "joy" that is a crawling baby, I'm in no rush to have him start yet!! Especially since we now have the added bonus of tiny toys like Spider-Man action figures all over the floor. ;)

He loves to dig through his toy box and throw them all on the floor, loves to bang toys and pacifier on tables, loves to be tickled, loves to be loud, loves to dance, loves to be kissed (if you stop, he'll ram his head back into your face), and LOVES to eat, whether that's nursing or food.

He is a super picky eater though - he does not like homemade baby food and he can't stand avocados, bananas or peas. I can't really blame him for the peas and the bananas. We were iffy about carrots but I guess they have passed the test. ;)

Parker is my little warm-natured baby. He loves to be in a diaper and nothing else. It's starting to get cold here though so to his frustration, I make him wear clothes. ;) His little hands get too cold otherwise!!

Parker is finally on a great nap schedule. He will sleep for about 45 minutes in the morning and then sleep another 2-ish hours in the afternoon. Then he usually goes to bed about 7:30. He is still nursing about six times a day and he also eats about 3 ounces of baby food at lunch and dinner. So far his favorites are pears and applesauce but he also loves sweet potatoes and squash. :)

He loves his brother with all his heart, loves to be in the same room as all of us, puts up a big fuss if he is feeling left out, he adores when Daddy gets home, loves his pacifier, loves to talk and yell, loves to laugh, loves to be snuggled and is the most content when he is just being carried around everywhere.

We love our sweet Parker Bear!!

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