Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There she goes

It's September! How is this possible?

Eisley girl is starting to become a finger food fanatic! She loves getting to feed herself. It's so cute (and super messy) to watch.

College football season is here! Parker dressed the part for opening day. ;)

Little Miss is SO close to crawling - SO CLOSE. She can get her little legs up under her and she tries to go! Neither of the boys did the army, worm-like crawl but Eisley totally is doing that right now. It's hilarious.

A balloon landed down the street from us! Eisley had had a really rough night the night before, so I was trying to sleep in on Saturday morning and the kids all ran in yelling about the balloon. So I got up, pulled on a sweatshirt and was brushing my teeth to go and Nathan runs back in yelling, "What are you doing? We don't have time for this!" We always have time to brush teeth, kid. Always.

She is coming for me - ha! She's getting better and better at getting her tummy off the floor!

She got me. ;)

Love this of our little planker on Dad. She gets so proud of herself and just yells and babbles to let us know how excited we should be for her. ;)

It must be fall!! #PSL

Nathan was supposed to illustrate a little book about fall on this day and I read him the assignment, went upstairs and put Eisley down for a nap and when I came back down, he was wearing this little label on his shirt - "ILLUSTRATOR". Ha! That's my boy - excited about everything!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome to fall

I know every year is like this, but this year seriously just seems to be flying past. I cannot, cannot believe that we are starting up all the fall activities already!

First up - and the thing that someone was SO EXCITED for - Awana started!! Parker could not wait and was ready to go about an hour before we needed to leave. Which, if you know my youngest son, this NEVER happens.

 Two excited boys who are also a little overwhelmed by the chaos in the hallways. ;)

I could just eat her up. We were like, "what do we do with all these hands??!" when we dropped the boys off. Ha!

I mean, it was a good try to get her own spit up, but she missed it by that much. ;) She is trying so hard to sit up completely unassisted!

Building. Always building when Nathan is at school. ;)

He came running in to me like this and yelled, "HEY MOM, WOOK! I'M AN ASTRONAUT." I think I died. ;)

Seriously loving this time with my middle. I had so much one-on-one time with Nathan and I feel like I've had nothing with Parker. By the time he was old enough to actually have time like this, we had Eisley. So, we are soaking up school days when Eisley is asleep. :)

He's home!! I miss my biggest when he's not around!! The house is most definitely quieter. ;)

This one got to try Puffs for the first time and she thought she was about the biggest thing in the whole room. Ha! Little sister cannot wait to be big like her brothers. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2016

Bouquets of sharpened pencils

Love that line. Love that movie. And I think of that line every year around this time!

We have had a full week over here! Still trying to settle into the new house, still painting (I'm convinced we will NEVER be done with the painting), still getting the hang of the new school year and still busy as ever. ;)

We went to Uncle Bryant's birthday party at their new house! Love these two so much.

 Parker loves Uncle Bryant too. ;)

Morning smiles with my baby love.

Such sweet times with these two when big brother is at school. We are slowly getting more used to him being gone Mondays and Wednesdays.

There was a giant rainbow outside so all my mismatched jammied children ran outside to see it. They were standing there and I realized, I found the pot of gold!! I mean, look at those treasures. :)

On this day, Nathan's extra credit assignment was to go geo-caching, which we'd never done before. So, a long, unexpected hike through the bosque later...

We found a Lego Man cache. ;)

When Nathan is gone, Parker wants to do five things - build trains, build puzzles, build forts and watch Go Diego Go. I think because when Nathan is home, Parker gets absolutely zero say in how any of those are built and he often gets talked out of Diego. ;)

It's so fun to see who this kid is without Big Brother around. ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eisley is seven months old!

The months are seriously just FLYING and I feel like I just get used to her being a certain age and then, next thing I know, she's three months older.

Our precious girl is seven months old!! She is just the smiliest, giggliest, sweetest little thing!

She is still super tiny - she's in the seventh percentile, which still just shocks us after her giant brothers. She officially stopped sleeping through the night, which is extra helpful considering everything going on. ;) She is not the biggest fan of solid food and would happily be exclusively nursed for the rest of her life, I think, if I let her call the shots. ;)

She wrinkles her nose when she laughs, she is extra happy to be in the middle of EVERYTHING and everyone and she is extra mad when she is not. ;) She loves to be tickled, loves to make us laugh and is rolling everywhere. We just could not love our Little Miss more and I am just praying for time to slow down!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

New year, new routine

I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way, but since Jon is a teacher, it's always felt like the year starts over in August instead of January. And it was just even more pronounced this year with Nathan starting school!

Little man quickly realized that when Nathan is at school and Eisley is napping, he has Mom's complete attention and this was actually, not so bad. ;) Ha!

School days at home - we are starting to get into the swing of things. He's been doing so well on the home days!

This one started rolling and ends up everywhere - EVERYWHERE. Sometimes she ends up places that seem completely impossible for her to get to.

I mean. I just laugh all day long. She's in such a fun, exhausting stage. ;)

This was so funny to us - we have been talking about Awana for years because Nathan has gone forever. Parker's been talking about getting to do Puggles for MONTHS. Someone would ask Nathan if he's in school and Parker would immediately start yelling, "I AM GOING TO GO TO PUGGLES". Ha! On this day, it was finally, finally Parker's turn for something. Puggles orientation! He got to pick up his shirt and meet his teacher and he held his shirt just like this the entire rest of the night. ;)

I mean, I could just die over the cuteness here. ;) As soon as we got home, he immediately ran up to my closet to check out his reflection. (Notice our half-painted trim - much work to do still!)

He's so happy. ;)

Our nightly snuggle time after she eats. I could just soak this up forever. I think with Eisley, I have a completely different perspective than I did with the boys - I know how fast it goes. I'm holding onto her babyhood with white-knuckled fingers right now.

This is why the Costco carts are so big. Though, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put our groceries... ;)

One year ago, we found out this little was a girl and it completely changed our lives forever. So thankful and so blessed by this beauty. God has given us far more than we could ever imagine or deserve!!


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