Friday, August 12, 2016

Orientation Day

I have no idea how we got here. Friday, we woke up bright and early and Nathan declared he was "too nervous to eat", so he had one piece of buttered toast because it was kindergarten orientation day.


I seriously have no idea how we are doing this when he was only born eight months ago.

Somehow we corralled the nerves enough to get dressed and we all headed out the door, new school supplies for the classroom in tow.

We got to see his classroom and meet his super sweet teacher, Mrs. K. I know he is going to LOVE every second here!

He looks SO OLD. It kills me. He was SO excited. He could barely sit still! We dropped Nathan off for his orientation and Parker, Eisley and I went to a parent meeting for a little while. You can imagine how well it went with the both of them there. ;)

Oh this one. Someone is going to have a rough, rough time adjusting to Nathan not being constantly around to play. :(

Otherwise, though, orientation went fantastic. Nathan is SO excited!! Monday, school starts. I hope the weekend lasts forever.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Settling in

We are starting to feel a little more at home in this house and the boxes are slowly disappearing one by one. :) I was nursing Eisley the other day and laughing at Kody - he found a new hideout in my closet. ;)

On this particular morning, the boys were watching a Leapfrog episode after breakfast and it was all about doing math while running a lemonade stand. Well, that was about the coolest thing EVER, so they immediately got to work making signs and helping me measure out lemonade ingredients into my only nice pitcher I have that I got when we got married because all the plastic pitchers were MIA. ;)

I mean, who could resist these little faces?

Not too many people, it turns out. Nathan is officially "RICH". ;)

I was laughing so hard because this is totally what I did all growing up - I think we had a lemonade sale about once a week all summer long. We milked our poor neighbors dry. ;)

Little sister has no interest in lemonade sales but is doing her best to start crawling. I can't handle this girl and her cuteness.

Bright and early the next day and back at it again. On this day, Nathan was yelling, "LEMONADE! NATHAN AND PARKER'S TWO-POINT-OH LEMONADE SALE!" Ha! I was laughing so hard! We pulled in some construction workers and Gammy and Pops drove over to buy some too. :)

By the end of the day, Nathan decided he needed to find a partner who wasn't going to drink all the inventory. ;)

I opened the door to get her out of the car one day when Parker and Nathan had been extraordinarily loud while we were driving and found this sleeping frown. She did not approve of the volume, apparently. ;)

Playing in the tent. Eisley was very excited to be included!

About once a year, I have a pretty decent hair day, where everything dries perfectly and curls exactly how I want it to and stays right where I want it. And my day this year was a day that we were home the entire day. #ofcourse So, I took a picture purely so I could prove to myself someday many years down the road that I did fix my hair occasionally during these Little Kid Days. ;)

I feel like things are starting to settle into a nice little summer time rhythm - which means that school is about to start. ;) I can't believe my baby is already going into kindergarten. Cue the sobbing mama for the next couple of weeks.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Of softball games and zoo trips and book releases!

Our week was insane. SO much going on and we're still unpacking! We took the kids to Jon's softball game and the boys ran the bases afterward. It's one of our favorite things about summer.

We went to the uptown area with Aunt Cayce and Parker found a sign he connected with. "IT SAYS TWO!!!"

Once Upon Eliza is here!!! I so hope you guys enjoy this book!

Nathan starts school in about ten days, so it's time for Mama to start looking through all the baby pictures and crying. Where did the time go? When I was 54 weeks pregnant during the hottest July we'd had in over a decade, I definitely did not believe people when they told me how fast time would fly, but now I do. Hold on to your babies, friends. It goes by in a blink.

Parker had his first "real" dentist appointment and did FANTASTIC. We were so pleased with him! And "Dr. Jan" as we call our hygienist is so good with the boys.

This kid always does great. :) He's a pro now, especially with Uncle Caleb's influence. ;)

Happiness is being given a balloon at Chick-fil-a! ;) Sometimes I think that a good majority of what is wrong with our world these days is that we don't hold on to the childlike joy in the simple things that we all start with.

So, we bought a farm. ;) We found out that we have grapes, apples, plums and some sort of cherry tree in the backyard. We also apparently are raising squirrels (pretty rare in ABQ) lots of other fun little critters and insects in our backyard jungle. It's fun to pick the fruit but watching it all rot and get eaten by little friends on the ground is making us think this might be our only year of owning these particular trees. ;)

Nathan got the Star Wars DVDs for his birthday and we finally had a free night where we could put Parker down early and watch A New Hope with him. We fast-forwarded through the scarier parts, but he LOVED it. We ended up breaking up the movie into two nights. I know he felt so big. We popped popcorn and made hot chocolate and buried under blankets and he loved every single second of it. :)

Zoo time!! We went with Miss Eryn and her kids and a few extras we dragged along with us! Ha! Parker LOVES the zoo!

Insert joke about all the men trying to figure out the directions... ;) Ha! The girls were already off down the path, looking at the flamingos, or the "mangoes" like Parker calls them.

This little girl is just sunshine.

I love this kid. He's become such a sweet helper and such a great big brother! I tell people this a lot - six is the reward for making it through the twos and threes. ;)

Eryn and I were both completely flashing back to Nathan and Evie at this age when Parker and Junie were doing this at the zoo. They were so cute. Love this of the two friends.

All smiles, all day long. This girl loves life and we love her!

We ran into our friends Shannon, Violet and Deklan on our way to get lunch, so we all trekked through the zoo together! Look at all these kids!! We stopped for ice cream on our way out to go home for showers and naps. ;)

The playroom closet wasn't working for me - it got trashed on an hourly basis, so I pulled everything out and we turned the front room into the playroom since we didn't have any furniture in there anyway. Thanks, Jen, for the idea!! I think it's pretty great. Plus, since there's so much space, we have lots of room for cubbies to hide everything away. :)

Love watching them play together. It's the best part of having brothers!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Coming together

We have been busy, busy over here! I finally started painting the banister! It needs a few more coats, but I love how it's turning out!

Twas the night before the countertops were delivered - I was SO excited and ready for them to come and to have a fully functioning kitchen! As much as I thought I'd be able to cook with just the appliances, it's so hard to prepare food without a counter to set things on.

They're in!! I love how it looks!!! It took no time at all for them to put them in - just amazing how it transforms the space.

First celebratory PB&J on our new kitchen counters. Insert praise hands! So so thankful!! I went back and forth on granite or not and ended up deciding that it would be better in the long run for the value to do granite. I love the colors - and bonus! This one was not only the cheapest, it was also on sale. ;)

Still need to touch up paint along caulk lines, but I am so excited for my new coffee station!!

The breakfast bar!! This was the only thing on my wish list for our future house. ;) And I love that we can fit three barstools there. I am seeing lots of cookie baking days on that bar!

Cayce's back for a visit!! I love my sister.

Right after Cayce left, Caleb, Nicole and Hudson came for a visit. I love this shot - all three of the womb buddies hanging out. ;)

Nicole was telling Nathan about triathalons for some reason while they were here and Nathan was so excited and said, "I'm going to do that!" So he ran and asked Jon to take off his training wheels and just took off on his bike. No problems at all. Ha! We were laughing so hard! He's totally my kid who we can push and push and it never does anything but as soon as he decides he's ready for something, it just goes flawlessly. I couldn't even get a picture of him because he was riding so fast. ;)

"Hi Mom. I'm a BIKING."

Aunt Heather made Nathan a shirt for his Lego birthday party that didn't happen thanks to sick siblings and overwhelmed parents, but he LOVES the shirt anyway. ;) He looks gigantic to me!

So fun to see this house starting to come together. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We'll sleep when we are dead


I haven't slept more than three straight hours in about two months. And we haven't gotten to bed before 2AM in I don't even remember how long.


Middle of the night painting trim before the floors are installed the next day. I got a little bit of paint on the floor. ;)

Breakfast of Champions in the family room while Dad starts installing the floors. Pop-Tarts for the win. ;)

In they go!! These floors are so cool - it's a vinyl plank floor, but it's totally waterproof and kid proof and they weren't expensive. They fit in the budget and they look decent. If we can get even five years out of them, we will be happy. :)

It's exhausting to be a Little Miss with all this work happening around you. ;)

Dining room is done!! It looks gorgeous!!

Once he got the hang of it, it went so quickly!

Killing time at the splash park while Dad was working at home. Sometimes our big helpers were a little TOO helpful. ;)

Jon took a break for a couple of days and instead of actually breaking, he hit the trail with his brother, Allen. They had a great time!

Our favorite girls came to keep us company while Dad was gone and between me and Miss Eryn and having the kids occupied with each other and unpacking toy boxes, we got about 90% of the Dance Party Room cleared of boxes and most of them unpacked. YAY. So thankful for these friends!!

Once Upon Eliza officially went on the market! The countdown to release day is on!

This pleased a Little Miss. I'm not sure her smile can get any squintier. ;)

Swinging and sleeping in the disaster while Mama keeps on working. ;)

I told myself I would NOT do this... but Eisley has been ending up in our bed almost every night. She has not been sleeping well at ALL and sometimes, this is the only way we can both get some sleep. Such a bad habit we are probably getting ourselves into.

Jon is back and he went right back to finishing the floors. Ha! No rest for the weary! ;)

Done!! I LOVE them!!!

First family Pizza Movie Night in the new house! We panicked a little about the new carpet and then realized, we have to be able to live here. ;) I love this.

I found some clips in the clearance section and came home and scrapped together all six of Eisley's hairs and it stayed for about three whole minutes! It made me so happy! I cannot wait for all the fun hairstyles we can do! And at the same time, I can wait. I do not want her to get big quite yet. :)

Speaking of getting big, she got this little Belle doll in Disney World and she's been so excited about her in the car. She weaves her little fingers into Belle's hair and usually goes right to sleep. ;) Ha!

On this day, I was making lunch and I asked the boys what they wanted to be when they grew up. Nathan was very quick to tell me he was going to be a firefighter or a policeman. And Parker said, "When I grow up, I'm going to be Tigger." I wouldn't put it past him. ;)

Had to pose with baby sister. Still need to paint the banister. ;)

No countertops means we are still eating out pretty frequently - this was the first time Eisley sat in the high chair like a big girl! She's so big and so sweet. It just kills me how fast time is flying with her!

Countertops come in a few days and I CANNOT WAIT. ;)


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