Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of School 2015

 Such a fun first day of school!
Monday night, we put a very excited Nathan in bed after he'd laid out his school clothes and gotten all of the things he needed in his backpack. He looked up at us and said, "Mom, how do you sleep?" I said, "On my side, usually. Why?" He said, "Because I start school tomorrow, so I'm a big kid now. I have to start sleeping like a big person too." Cue the tears. I cried Monday night but held it together for my sweet boy on the big day! I just can't believe he's already starting school!

I got up early Tuesday morning to make a good breakfast for Nathan that we could eat with Jon before he left for work. When I went in to get Nathan out of bed, he was wearing his school clothes instead of his pajamas. ;) ha! He was SO excited!!

We had a Happy First Day of School breakfast of blueberry muffins, bacon and eggs. A feast considering the typical breakfasts around here. ;)

Parker woke up with CRAZY hair but we had to take a picture of the brothers on the first day of school anyway. :) It doesn't matter what I use to try and get it to lay down, it doesn't work. It just eventually settles down on it's own. He still has fluffy baby hair. ;)

Hugs for Dad before he left! I love how excited Nathan is in every single picture!

At the campus!!

LOVE this of the two boys walking inside together. Parker gets to come as well, though he goes to a nursery for the little guys. But, he is SO proud of his backpack that matches his big brother's!

Me and my first baby. :)

 When we first got inside, we went in his class to put his backpack away and all the other kids were running around and he pulled out a notebook and a pencil and sat down at his place and just start writing his name. ;) SO cute. He is so excited to learn!! I love that! He had a great day with his teacher and classmates and we are now the proud owners of a pinto bean that we are going to attempt to grow into a plant. ;)

Tired but very happy at the end of the day. ;) I think it was everything he hoped it would be. ;)

And this poor kid...ha! He was SO tired he could barely walk, but he insisted on wearing his "packpack" and carrying both his water and lunchbox. He had a great time too!

All in all, it was a wonderful first day of school for my sweet boy. So thankful for these last five years with him and so excited for this new adventure ahead. :)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The last of summer

School starts today for Nathan, so we have been soaking in the last of summer!!

I can't believe my baby is already going to school, I mean, seriously, he was just this big only a few weeks ago:

Cue the mama tears.

We started up most of our fall activities over the last two weeks! We have a crazy fall scheduled so we've had to drop a few activities that we have done in the past just to keep our sanity (and to give me at least one day to just be home). This time around being pregnant, I have been very tired and sore, so planning in days to be home and do a lot of sitting activities have been SO wonderful for my ligaments and ankles!! :)

The boys started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago and are LOVING them. Nathan went last year but this is Parker's first time to go. He still has to have a parent in the pool with him (enter me) but he is soaking it up (no pun intended). He's already started gliding to me under the water. It's so fun to watch him learn! And Nathan is busy learning how to switch back and forth between freestyle and backstroke. I know two kids who are going to go nuts watching the Olympics this year.

Some post nap snuggles with my tattooed toddler. Someone has to be exactly like his brother in all things.

Case in point. ;) Since Nathan starts school this week, we've been trying to go over a few review things over the last couple of weeks and to get us in the groove for the home days with his school. I started trying to do school in the mornings, but it was just too hard with Parker needing to play and Nathan needing to get some energy out, so we've switched things up a bit. I get Nathan up early from rest time and we try to get the majority of his school done before Parker gets up (which means less writing time for me, so please pray that I use the time I have diligently!). But when Parker is up, he's got to be doing "school" with Nathan. I found a little paint with water board for him to play with and he loves it.

Orientation day!! Nathan was fully dressed in this outfit and had his backpack on before I was all the way out of bed. ;) He is SO excited for school to start!! Since I stay on the campus, I got Parker a little "packpack" too to take to his class (aka the nursery). It's going to be a fun year!

We had to take the car in to get the oil changed and they were showing a preview of a new Snoopy movie. The boys thought Jiffy Lube was the best place ever.

Nathan finished his entrance booklet and was awarded his Sparky vest, bag and book at the closing ceremonies in the big group. He was SO proud! Oh my goodness. It was adorable.

On Awana nights, Parker gets Mom and Dad to himself, so we took him to Target for a little shopping and Auntie Cayce's Starbucks for a treat, where we all got spoiled rotten by Cayce. And to top the night off, she even let him sweep a little bit. ;) I think Thursday nights might become his favorite. ;)

We got a box of baby girl and maternity clothes in the mail from my dear friend Leigh Ann - SO much fun!! I love all the pink! Such a blessing from a sweet friend.

And that was our week last week! Can't wait to update on how school went today! :)

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Finding out :)

So, I'm not sure how long it will take for the disbelief to fade, but I'm still right smack in the middle of it!! I was SO sure that this was Boy #3 for us...I just knew it!

We got to know the sonographer really well with all of Parker's cord issues that we had to keep checking on, so it was very fun to catch up with her and see how she's been. We talked and talked and I told her that I just knew it was a boy but Jon was convinced it was a girl. She told us when she was going to start looking for the gender and we both looked away. When I asked if she saw it, she said, "Oh yeah, definitely," and I just knew it was a boy. She printed out the gender picture and put it in an envelope for us to open at dinner.

We have the same (though to a lesser extent) issue with the cord as we did with Parker, so we would so covet prayers over our baby's protection in there! We'll have another ultrasound at 28 weeks and a few more between then and delivery just to check up on her.

Fast forward to dinner, Jon and I ordered as fast as we could and then finally got to open the envelope! Our sweet sonographer had written a congratulations note and then put the picture of the ultrasound in the envelope. I unfolded the page, saw the word "GIRL" on the ultrasound picture and just started bawling right into Jon's shoulder. Oh friends, I so thought that this little one was a boy and I honestly would have been completely overjoyed for another son but it is so so fun to think about having a daughter!! Jon and I just hugged and cried and Jon prayed for our sweet girl and it was just a wonderful, precious time!

Our poor waiter showed up right then to ask a question about our order and saw me crying and got all worried and I choked out, "We just found out we are having a girl!" and started crying again. Bless his heart. He was so cute. He was just a college guy so he had no idea. I felt so bad for him. Ha!

Anyway, I cried off and on throughout dinner (Jon was all teary too - it was so sweet!) and then they brought dessert out and set this in front of me and I just lost it all over again.

Such a sweet waiter! He even made sure he gave us pink handled fondue forks. We tipped well. ;)

We went over to Mom and Dad's house and controlled our emotions and we had family over and skyped with a few out of town family and friends. Nathan got to cut open the cupcake that would tell everyone what it was...

And everyone FLIPPED OUT. The screaming totally scared poor Parker to death. Ha! We are all so excited for this little one! I think everyone thought this was another boy, so it was really fun to surprise everyone again!!

I was in so much disbelief still that I had to call our sonographer the next day just to hear it from her. She just started laughing and said, "Yes! It's definitely a girl!" ;) Ha!

And, I mean, I just had to go buy something girlish... ;)

The following week, we went and got a 3D ultrasound done. I always wanted to do this with the boys and never did and so we made sure we scheduled it this time around. It was SO fun. And she's definitely a girl!! Love this sweet face!!

We are SO blessed!! I cannot stop praying for this precious baby girl. So thankful for the surprise of this pregnancy, the surprise of this little girl and this wonderful adventure we are about to start all over again. Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers!!

So much love to you all!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lately :)

Thank you all so much for your participation in guessing along with us!! We are SO excited for this precious baby girl to join our family! :)

And the winner of the guessing game is... (Edited to add: If you checked this morning, I totally forgot to put the winner down. Can we say pregnancy brain??!) Daneen Roberts! I just emailed you! :)

I have lots of pictures of the reveal, but first up, a few pictures from the past week or so...

So fun to see Aunt Nicole and Uncle Caleb for a whole week! Next time we get to see them, they will have a little boy of their own! So crazy!

These two. They were both sitting there trying to learn how to tie their shoes at Evie's house the other day. When did they get permission to grow up so fast? They are still supposed to be fighting over sippy cups.

The real estate company that Jon works for had a little barbecue and I won free ticket to watch the minor baseball team in town play! We had the best time! :)

Me and soon to be middle. ;)

Someone was VERY intent on watching for foul balls.

VERY intent. And he dragged his little brother into it too. ;)

The stadium was basically empty, so Nathan talked Jon into going a little closer to see if they could catch one down there. Seriously the play after they came back up to our seats, someone hit a foul ball that landed right where they were standing and then rolled onto the lower decks. Nathan was completely heartbroken. It's all for the best, I'm not sure Jon could have caught it and kept both boys on the right side of the rail! ;)

The best part of the game - watching "Ohbit" (or Orbit), the team's mascot. That's all Parker said during the game. "Bayball? Ohbit? Bayball! Ohbit!" Ha!

Me and the lopsided lump busy at work during rest/nap time. ;)

Nathan was messing around after rest time one day and slammed his forehead right into the window sill corner. So, we had to spend the rest of the afternoon in and out of ice packs and I kept checking his pupils. We had Awana orientation that night too and he bloodied up his knee on the monkey bars while we were there. It was a rough day.

This little is just asking for a goose egg of his own... every time I turn around, he's climbing on something! He discovered the water button on the fridge this day and we started being a LOT more diligent about closing the kitchen baby gate.

Showing off the bruise/scrape. #chicksdigscars

This one. This one is a MESS. I don't even know whether or laugh or cry at him most of the day. He's just a complete disaster and I love him dearly.

Jon sent me packing after an open house and I got a little over two glorious hours alone. So, I did a few errands, wandered through a few stores by myself and then spent an entire hour eating this sea salt caramel bar, drinking a chocolate milkshake and reading my Bible and Calm My Anxious Heart. So, so wonderful and SO needed!! We have been having a rough time lately with my very strong-willed eldest and now Parker is starting into the terrible twos with "no" and "mine". It's been difficult to be level-headed and able to deal with these emotional issues when I'm so tired physically! The break was amazing.

Bought the shirts for the reveal while I was out - time to return one!! :)

Parker finally got another haircut - it was needed! A friend was telling me about this shop for kids and it was pretty cool! He got to sit in a yellow Hummer and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the whole time. And they had us in and out in 12 minutes! Not bad!

Little love. He did great!

His face in this picture just cracks me up. He did not know what he thought about the clippers. ;)

Backpacks are here which means we are on the countdown to Nathan's first day of school. Cannot, cannot believe my baby is so big!!

Mental note: Do not let Parker feed himself blueberry oatmeal ever again. The kid was stained blue all morning.

And that's what we've been up to lately!! Reveal pictures coming tonight or tomorrow - we are just still in so much shock over here... so, so excited!

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