Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Last year on Easter, we learned that our second IUI after over a year and a half of trying to get pregnant had failed. It was a horrible day - I was so certain it had worked because of all kinds of "symptoms" I was having and so I spent the Easter sunrise service crying on my dear friend Leigh Ann's shoulder.

If only I could have looked ahead to this year when I yet again cried through the service but this time, it was from total, complete joy.

He is risen, friends. He is risen and He is good. Oh, how good He is!!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Parker's one month old!

I honestly cannot CANNOT believe that our precious boy turned one month old on the 16th!! As fast as Nathan's babyhood went, Parker's is flying by a million times faster...which I absolutely hate.

He is such a precious boy! For the most part, he is very easy going and content - unless he's hungry and in that case, I've got about six seconds to get him eating or he gets quite upset with us. ;)

And speaking of eating, that is his absolute favorite thing to do. He is still nursing on demand and he will nurse every hour sometimes - though I think about half the time it's more for comfort than actual nutrition. ;) He's getting a little faster at eating - in the beginning it would take an hour for him to eat, now he's closer to about thirty minutes. Nursing has been MUCH easier this time around but I'm back on a low dose antibiotic for the foreseeable future to ward of the mastitis again like they finally did with Nathan.

He's still in newborn clothes and diapers but they are starting to get tight! It's so funny to see the differences between my boys - Nathan was SO long and skinny that he outgrew his clothes lengthwise very quickly. I think he was pretty much in 0-3 month clothes by this point. Parker is not as long as Nathan was but he's got the CUTEST chunks I've ever seen - I could kiss his cheeks and thighs all day long!

Parker is not a very good sleeper yet - for most of this month he's been basically nocturnal. It's been quite the adjustment for me this time around. With Nathan, I could sleep during the day when he was sleeping and that's just not possible now with my super active big boy up all day. So I'm gradually learning how to live on just a few hours of sleep every night. Concealer, friends. I have a layer the thickness of an IHOP pancake under my eyes every day.

He is becoming VERY smiley which I just adore. He absolutely loves his big brother and Nathan is smothering in his affection for Parker. A good and bad problem to have. ;)

We just can't imagine our lives without our sweet boy!!

And just for some fun comparison...

Nathan and Parker both at one month old... precious boys! Do you think they look alike??! :)

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going to the chapel :)

Bryant and Nicole's wedding was absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful time celebrating my dear brother and his sweet new wife. :)

Wednesday night before the wedding, the four "original" siblings all went out for dinner  -  plus a little who accompanies me pretty much everywhere. ;) We had such a fantastic time! I was working on three hours of sleep that day and it was so needed. I love that we are still all so close - God blessed me beyond measure when He gave me these three.

Friday was a day spent preparing and especially preparing Nathan because he was totally convinced that the ring bearer's job included a solo - specifically, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". No idea where he got that but it would have made me laugh really hard if I hadn't been so terrified. Ha!

We started the day with an early morning trip to Joann's to attempt to get some material to help make it easier for me to nurse in my bridesmaid's dress - and yes, Nathan is in his jammies. Actually, we ALL were in our jammies. Oy.

Snuggles from Nama. :)

On our way to the rehearsal!! I got to sit in the back with my boys. We have fun.

He did so great in practice and didn't sing a note. Ha! Love my dad with the camera filming him in the background. ;)

I soooo wish I'd gotten pictures at the rehearsal dinner - we had so much fun! We had country dancing and Mexican food and tons of family and friends and it was just absolutely wonderful. I loved every minute of it!!

Saturday morning, we tried on the tux for the last time - love his sweet face here. :)

Me and my beautiful new sister-in-law during pictures! Nicole looked so so so beautiful!!

This boy agreed. Every time I turned around, he was staring at Nicole or telling me how pretty she was or picking dandelions to go give to "the prettiest girl". ;)

Getting an uncle married is hard work.

The wedding was PERFECT (and didn't include a solo from the smallest boy in a tux!). We were dancing it up at the reception before we even knew it. :)

My beautiful sister. :)

Bryant sang Nicole a song and made everyone cry. I cried through the entire night.

I love this guy. :)

Smiles for Pops. 

All of my loves!!

Bryant, Jon, Caleb and two of the other groomsmen did the BEST dance ever - we were ROLLING.

Photo booth fun. :) Love that we crammed all seven of us siblings into the booth!

The DJ said to grab someone special for the last dance - so I did. :)

Love this picture!!

I am so happy for my sweet brother and sister-in-law - praying so many blessings on their marriage!! I can't wait to see what God does through them. :)

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Precious Memories

(I've updated the Paige Turned contest blog with the winner!)

We are operating on some little sleep over here so I do apologize that this blog has taken the brunt of it. I had completely forgotten how time consuming newborns are and it's been interesting adding in a very active three year-old on top of the sleep deprivation. I also had my first bout with mastitis this time around last week - ugh. REALLY praying that is the first and only case! I had it over and over with Nathan until the doctor finally just put me on a low-dose antibiotic for the rest of the 13 months that I nursed him.

So here's our last few weeks in pictures... :)

Dad and his boys. :)

Love their morning chats. :)

He wanted to read to Baby Parker. Love that he picked "Just Me and My Little Brother".

Sweet face <3 p="">

My nap buddy one afternoon.

Sweet little jaundice baby had to spend quite a lot of time in the sun his first two weeks of life.

Nonnie and Papa O came to visit!

We did not appreciate our first bath at home.

Sweet alert baby boy.

Someone is very into holding his baby brother.

Working on his dance moves for Uncle Bryant's upcoming wedding this weekend. ;)

"Don't worry, Mama. I'm keeping an eye on Baby Parker."

We are cord (or "plug" as Nathan called it) less!!

Little worried boy. I have no idea why he would be concerned.

Never mind. ;)

I successfully made it through our first grocery shopping trip alone with both boys!!

Happy baby!!

Gammy and Pops love.

LOVE this sneak peek of our session with the wonderful Sarah!! :)

We all stayed late at family dinner on Saturday night and practiced our country dancing for Bryant and Nicole's rehearsal dinner this weekend. Love this. :)

And this weekend, we get to celebrate these two!! Such a wonderful, wonderful time coming up!! :) SO SO excited!!
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