Saturday, May 23, 2015


Saturday was such a fun day - we started the day with my sister-in-law, Nicole's baby shower for my sweet nephew (which I unfortunately didn't take any pictures!) and then I drove home fast, picked up the boys and Jon and we went to dinner with my dear friend Melanie who was in town this weekend!

Nathan loves Miss Melanie. ;)

Sunday, Jon woke up sick and so he stayed home from church and Nathan and I went. We had been home for seriously not even an hour and Nathan went from perfectly fine to running a 102 degree fever. So our plans for the day were changed up a bit. He spent the day on the couch, I got him the movie Balto (which he LOVED) and we tried to just keep the boys as separate as we could (which is always a joy).

Parker always has to be just like his big brother. ;) Love that.

Sunday night, we had a little girls' night since Mel was in town. So much fun and so needed!! Love my dear, dear friends. We only wished the other two original Lunch Bunchers could have been there!

Another new tooth, another diaper rash, another oatmeal bath in the kitchen sink. It's the circle of life over here, my friends.

And lastly, I have been wanting to do this FOREVER and I finally did it - yesterday, I cut 8+ inches off of my hair!

It is SO short now! It feels so much lighter and cooler. Nathan was convinced he would hate it but I think even he likes it. ;)

Our mornings here. Two snuggling brothers watching the Wild Kratt brothers. ;) Love my precious boys!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Life lately

Between Nathan's activities mostly coming to a close and Parker being into everything, we have not sat down too much these last few weeks!!

We went with Nathan's little league team to an Isotopes game! It was Little League Night and so all the teams got to walk around the field with their team's banner.

They were SO cute - they all took their hats off and started waving them at the crowd. It was just adorable!!

Watching themselves on the big screen. ;)

This little baby love - oh I just adore him. And he has gotten to be SUCH a good sleeper!! I am just soaking it up. He takes two great naps a day and sleeps twelve hours at night. He's just gotten so big. And he is everywhere. He's either in the bathroom ripping the toilet paper to shreds, he's unloading all the kid cups from the kitchen drawers, he's shoving handfuls of dog food in his mouth or carrying around a huge Mickey Mouse book and whining for me to read it to him. All day long. He's a mess. We just follow him around cleaning up and laughing most of the day.

Last week, I woke up with a really stiff neck and a bad cold and so I called my mom. So thankful that she lives in town and could come help me!! It was just SO hard to change diapers and chase a very busy baby around when I could barely turn my head. I just laid on the couch with a heating pad on my neck and a bunch of Kleenex and she played with the boys all morning. Such a blessing!

The hero worship is still alive and well here. These two are starting to get to the point where they have a few squabbles a day but they still just adore each other and are impossible to separate - even when they are fighting over something. ;)

This is apparently how Superman would be ready to run from third base to home. Just in case any of you were wondering. ;)

Mother's Day was such a wonderful day with my boys!! We went to church, the boys gave me flowers, I got taken out to lunch and we had an amazing fajita dinner with the family. It was a very nice, very low-key day and it was perfect.

This little guy is just so big now. But I love that any time my lap is open, he's plopping down right next to me or halfway on me and just snuggling in. He's growing up too fast and I just need time to slow down!!

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A few lasts and a super fun visit

This week, Parker finally got a haircut. And Jon and I were in severe mourning for several days. He just looked flat out old without his long baby hair! It's getting a little easier for me to look at now but goodness. He went from baby to boy overnight.

And speaking of babies to boys overnight, my little Nathan had his very last day of Cubbies this past week. I'm still in denial.

He was so proud to get his award!! Next year, Sparkies!

These two. They play all the time. This was when they were being policeman at a police station. Nathan told me that it was sure busy because crimes just kept coming through the door. ;)

 We were SO excited that Nonnie came to visit last weekend!! It was a short visit and we packed the activities in. ;) First up - Nathan's last soccer game.

He did great! It has been so fun to see how he's changed and grown over the last year. He totally understands the game now and he became a fantastic little player!

Next up, baseball! Love this of everyone saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

He is just SO CUTE. I can't even stand it.

He got the game ball that all the players signed for doing so well during the game. He was SO so proud. The ball is now sitting in a place of honor in his room. So cute.

We came home and played with Nonnie and then she took us out to Mexican food and I totally left my phone at home so I got absolutely zero pictures. :( But we had such a wonderful time!! 

On Sunday, we woke up to rain, she fixed up Parker's hair for us and then we went out for a pizza lunch that was amazingly good. Love this picture. :)

The whole crew!

Since it was raining, we couldn't go do an outside activity, so we went to Explora, a children's museum in town. It was SO much fun. Oh my goodness. We had such a great time! Nathan LOVED it. And he especially loved the bubble station. He was concentrating so hard!

This one was more about seeing how much soap and suds he could splash onto his hair, eyes, clothes and Daddy. ;)

Learning about expressions. :)

It was POURING RAIN that afternoon and absolutely freezing cold, so we came home, the boys took a warm bath and then we all snuggled up in our cozy clothes and Nonnie read to the boys for a bit. It was so sweet. Then it was off to the airport and we brought home two very tired, very sad boys. ;)

This week has been pretty much life back to normal for us. I've spent a lot of time writing and the boys have spent a lot of time in their jammies. And this little cutie is just too stinking cute for his own good - I cannot get enough of those cheeks!! He woke up today and I could just tell he did not feel good at all, so we headed back to the doctor and he's got a double ear infection. :( Praying that the new antibiotic will knock it out for good!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now available for pre-order! :)

Bake Me A Match is officially available for pre-order on Kindle!!

It will release June 15th to Kindle and Nook (Kobo friends - still working on getting that platform added!). I can't wait for you guys to read more about Annie, Zach, Laurie and the gang!!

SO excited!!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

All caught up!!

We are almost all caught up!! :) For the first time since what...last March??! ;) Ha! This new little person in my house has been the cause of lots of chaos, lots of noise and lots of love. Too much snuggling and chasing and diaper changing over the last year to still keep the blog up to date!

 We were heading to church last Sunday and I looked back and saw this - oh my heart!! I just melted into a little puddle on the front seat.

After church we went to run some errands for yard work and saw him like this when we opened the door. These are kind of my thoughts on Lowe's sprinkler aisle as well. ;)

Parker has one of those little puppies that you drag along by the leash to walk it, but this is how he always walks it. It's hilarious.

Piyo with a baby... yeah... this is why I usually work out before they get up in the morning. Downward dog is equal to a fort in my kids' eyes...

I got to have a much needed girls' night!!! Oh how I love these wonderful women!! :) We went to see a late showing of Cinderella - I cannot recommend it enough!! It was beautifully done!

On Thursday and Friday, I sold copies of some of my books at a conference in town with my friend and fellow author Alicia Willis, who was selling her books as well! And...we both sold out!! God was very good and it was so much fun. :) Thanks to Alicia for being so sweet and talking with me for two days straight and especially thanks to Gammy (and Pops!) for taking such good care of my boys while I was gone. :)

Saturday we woke up to this little love running a fever and I fit his doctor appointment in between soccer and baseball games. We found out we have another ear infection on our hands. :( Sweet baby. He's been pretty miserable the last few days. We've been medicating with antibiotics, lots of liquids and lots of snuggles.

Nathan did so good at his second baseball game!! He even spared a wave for his mama at this one, so I'm assuming he felt a little more at ease. ;)

Great job batting!!

We absolutely loved having Gammy and Pops at the game!! And to add the icing to the cake, they came over for dinner last night. My boys pretty much thought they were in heaven. ;)

In final (and fun!!) news, it looks like Bake Me A Match is going to release on June 15th!! SO exciting!! I should have pre-order info by tomorrow!!

Whew!! BUSY week!! How was your week? I cannot believe we are almost through April!

Have a great night!

P.S. I am officially all caught up!! Oh my goodness!! YAY!

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